20th August 2016

Photography / Editorial
Client: City of Vitrolles

"J'ai juste pris un sac avec les papiers, l'acte de propriété et l'attestation d'assurance" nous confie une habitante prise dans les flammes de l'incendie de la ville de Vitrolles.

Le 10 août 2016, un incendie a ravagé les alentours de Vitrolles en brûlant plus de 2800 hectares. Ce projet photographique et éditorial met en scène les témoignages des habitants et les traces de l'incendie. Un installation est aussi prévue sur les lieux même de l'incendie un an après.

"I just took a bag with the papers, the deed of ownership and the certificate of asurance" says a resident during the fire in the town of Vitrolles on August 10th,2016.

This fire destroyed land, and it touched my relatives. It was the 10th of August last year. How can we remain indifferent to this disaster? How can I, as a graphic designer, provide support and assistance ?

My project takes as a starting point, the testimony of the inhabitants who liked through this fire. their visions, before, during and after this disaster. The base of my research will be the border between what was burned and what remained outside the flames. The aim is to propose a different point of view than that exposed by the media, most often absent from post-disaster reconstruction. The purpose of this project will be a book, which will help to raise funds for the reconstruction of this town.

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